Chamber to Host Diversity and Inclusion Lunch-&-Learn Series

In Wise County, we’re serious about our commitment to providing a workplace where differences are celebrated, feelings and opinions of others are respected and the experiences that make us each unique are valued. As a business leader in Wise County, you are the key to ensuring the environment provided in the workplace is one that’s built on employee safety, support, and acceptance.

But how do we reinforce these principles in our behaviors and day-to-day practices? By challenging the way we think and educating ourselves and others to model inclusive behaviors aligned with our commitment to building a culture where everyone feels they belong.

In partnership with SYKES, the Wise County Board of Directors is excited to provide a Lunch-N-Learn series to help you do just that. In this three-part Diversity & Inclusion series, you’ll experience thought provoking and engaging training sessions where you’ll learn: Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Matters; Creating a Culture of Belonging; and Embedding Equity into the Employee Experience.