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The Wise County/City of Norton Chamber of Commerce exists for the purpose of advancing and publicizing the commercial, industrial, agricultural, civic, tourism and general business interests of Wise County and the City of Norton.


The Chamber works to build the economic base of Wise County and the City of Norton, bringing you more employment, business opportunities, private investment, and improved quality of life.

The Chamber is your voice on issues of taxation, legislation, and transportation. It represents you at legislative hearings, budget sessions, and VDOT funding hearings.

Your listing in the Chamber's Wise County Business Directory of Members puts your business name on the desks of other business people, new residents, and new businesses.

The Chamber replies to thousands of inquiries about the surrounding area, your business, and you. Inquiries about products or services are directed to Chamber members.

The Chamber sponsors meetings and receptions that provide valuable networking opportunities for you and your business. Members are linked by shared interests and concerns and can learn from each other.

The Catalyst published six times a year, contains news of Chamber and community events of interest to members.

Each year, the Chamber distributes thousands of brochures that help local businesses obtain maximum benefit from tourism.

The Chamber is your best local source for accurate business information. Whether it's economic data, news of regulatory policies, new legislation, or the latest in area demographics, the Chamber can help!

The Chamber is the only organization through which we can all work together to develop the area as an economic, financial, educational, medical, and cultural center. Ask yourself, "If the Chamber of Commerce didn't do all these things, who would?"

Would you like your business to be larger? The Chamber staff, added to your staff, will multiply your effectiveness in the community.

Area businesses succeed, in part, due to the efforts of the Chamber. Your membership will help to continue development of the economy.

Your Chamber membership shows your customers that you care about the future of Wise County and the City of Norton. Your customers, in turn, care about a business that cares about them!

Our Mission
Our Mission
Executive Vice President & CEO
Katies face.jpg
Executive Assistant
Our Team
Our Team
Our Officers
Our Officers
Jason Barton Past President.jpg
Jason Barton
2024 President

Melissa Coffey Vice President of organizational affairs 2.jpeg
Melissa Coffey
President-Elect 2025

Tim Blankenbecler Treasurer.png
Henrietta Dotson Vice President of Publi
Vice President, Public Affairs
Pam Collie-Price President.jpg
Pam Collie-Price
Vice President, County & Community Affairs
Melissa Coffey Vice President of organizational affairs 2.jpeg
Vice President, Organizational Affairs
Brandi Barnette PACE (2).jpg
Brandi Pettey
Past President
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