"Serving the County of Wise, the City of Norton, and the Towns of Appalachia, Big Stone Gap, Coeburn, Pound, St. Paul, and Wise."

Investment Schedule

ASSOCIATE: (an individual not associated with a business concern or separate membership thereof): $75

INSTITUTIONAL: Colleges $500

TRADE ASSOCIATIONS: Civic, Fraternal, and Professional Organizations: $100

PROFESSIONAL: $125 per professional up to four, $50 for each additional professional

     $150 for 1-5 employees
     $175 for 6-15
     $200 for 16-50
     $225 base plus $2 for each additional employee over 50

COMMUNICATIONS (MEDIA): based on gross revenue as follows:
     $125-Under $250,000
     $175-Between $250,001-$750,000
     $500-$750,001 and over

RETAIL OPERATIONS: based on total annual sales as follows:
     Under $100,000-$125 minimum
     $750,001-$1 million-$350
     $1 million-$2 million-$700
     $2 million-$4 million-$1,000
     $4 million-$6 million-$1,250
     Over $6 million-$2,000

ACCOMMODATIONS: $150 minimum for 1-20 units, plus $2 for each unit over 20

RESTAURANTS & RELATED SERVICES: based on total sales:
     Under $100,000-$150 minimum
     $500,001-$1 million-$500

INDUSTRIES & WHOLESALE: $200 per million dollars in annual gross revenue, $200 minimum, $5,000 maximum

FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS: $10 per million dollars in total resources (assets: $200 minimum, no maximum--refer to the individual's Report of Financial Condition)

TRANSPORTATION: $125 for bus and airline service; $1,000 for railroads

     Local Governments-.50 cents per capita.

To join the Chamber, click on the Chamber Registration Form, complete the form and return to the Chamber office with your membership check.

Membership dues in the Wise County Chamber of Commerce are tax deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense. The Chamber is not a charity, and dues are not a charitable tax deduction for income tax purposes. For more complete information, please call the Wise County Chamber of Commerce office at (276) 679-0961 or e-mail info@wisecountychamber.org